"The Preacher" by Jeremy Mason McGraw

About M-A

Marc-Anthony Macon is the son of a biochemist and a machinist sculptor, and your imaginary friend.  He makes art.

As a tea punk, he whisks the philosophies and aesthetics of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and the Punk movement into an aromatic, tangy vinaigrette.

He has made both “Weird Al” Yankovic and Shirley Manson laugh. Sadly, not at the same time.

“Marc-Anthony is a surrealist, but his work isn’t nonsense; he’s avant-garde, but he gets his laughs. He’s Ionesco with a side of Star Wars, shyly asking you for a date at the end of the world.”

—Noah Diamond

“He is just your average technicolor smurfing genius white boy wordsmith who decided to become fluent in Japanese in his 30's. There is only one Marc-Anthony Macon”

—Jeremy Mason McGraw

"Marc-Anthony is a technicolor human-sized muppet; he spews creativity and artwork. Unusual and exuberant, you cannot help but love this outspoken, magical being."

—Laura Anne Welle

"Noam Chomsky and Willy Wonka had a love child and his name is Marc-Anthony Macon"

—Jonny Lang

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