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Art Museum Versi, Yongin-Si, South Korea

"Selling Fast: The Art This Era Lusts For"

Art Brut portraiture of loved ones and oddball situations, heavy on the mess, light on the pretense.

(October, 2017-February 2018)

The Colab, Urbana, Illinois, USA

"Incredible Eggs"

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs. Nothing but eggs for miles. Spicy togarashii deviled eggs were served, with every 30th egg filled with blue cake icing.

(mixed media on found paper - 2017)

Independent Media Center, Urbana, Illinois USA

"Punk Dada with Eggs"

A foray into collage and mixed media, with a hybrid of punk and dada aesthetics. Also, lots of sake and live funk music.

(mixed media on found paper - 2016)

The Sipyard, Urbana, Illinois, USA

“Eggs in the Alley”

Tagged eggs all over the walls of the Urbana Sipyard alley bar. Collaborated with truant tweens.

(spray paint on exterior - 2017)

with Rich Gouinlock, Amara Yoga & Arts, Urbana, Illinois, USA

“Punk/Bliss Meditations on Media”

Collaborative show with found paper mandala artist, Rich Gouinlock, with a focus on perception and space.

(mixed media on found paper - 2016)